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 Growth Groups

Learn to master the strategies that Tim Nichols used to grow his business by 3,000,000% in the first 12 months in a new town where he knew no one.

In the Online Course, you’ll learn how to:


⭐ Ask questions that will unlock doors and allow you to pass through barriers to quickly gain trust in your relationships.

⭐ Turn prospecting on its head by creating a burning desire in your prospects and referral sources to know who you are and what you do.

⭐ Transform your existing relationships into your referral machine.

⭐ Quickly gain trust and credibility in markets where your prospects hardly know you, don’t know if they like you, and have no reason to trust you.

⭐ Accelerate a deeper feeling of trust among your clients, peers, and your market by serving, learning, playing, and enjoying or enduring life together.

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Learn how the 3 Million Percent 

Process and Social Strategies Enhance:




“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care– about THEM!” -Zig Ziglar

What 3 Million Percent Growth Group Members are Saying

As a business owner and Chamber of Commerce member, Brenda shares the benefits she’s experienced after reading and implementing the 3 Million Percent approach through 3 Million Percent Growth Groups.

Stu is a business professional who has volunteered as a 2018 Growth Group Leader and shares the impact he’s experienced by way of the 3 Million Percent approach .