Transform from being the Qualified Resource

that everyone knows to the Trusted Advisor

that everyone seeks.

Tim Nichols, Consultant, Influence Hacker






The coaching, consulting, and memberships in the 3 Million Percent Community empower you to grow your business through strategic relationship building, thought-leadership, profitable referrals, and increased credibility.


Wasting time attending fruitless networking events?

Engaging in lengthy conversations for too long before discovering that the connection is neither a qualified prospect nor a referral source?

Creating new connections who are only interested in selling you something?

Wasting money on memberships, sponsorships, and advertising that is not producing revenue fast enough to justify the investment?

Trying to transform your sources for
qualified leads from prospecting to
referral generation?

Struggling to become the Trusted
Advisor for all potential prospects
and referral sources in
your market?

Transform into the Trusted Advisor that everyone seeks!


Hardly anyone CHOOSES to suffer, so then why do some people really seem to excel in accelerating their personal and professional growth while others secretly struggle?  What makes the difference??

When watching competitors swallow up the best opportunities at business events leaves you wondering “Why not me?”  you know it’s time for a change… BUT NOT those “small changes can make big results” motivational speech again.

No.  You want clarity and confidence that your effort is the RIGHT FOOT FORWARD.  After all, time is worth MORE THAN MONEY, since you can’t get more time.

Continuing in the same patterns will keep you either stuck or struggling.  You need “the next thing” to be significant!


I’m Tim Nichols, and I too was once at the limits of my patience for experiencing a next-level business growth spurt. After 10 years of professional experience and DESPITE the successes I had at that point, I felt my growth had become stagnant.  Implementing traditional methods of prospecting and marketing just left me frustrated and feeling like

there must still be something more. 

Good for a time, sure!  But my growth no longer seemed progressive. To by cynically positive, I had done everything right to achieve my current level of “success,” although I knew I was still far from my peak potential.


How did I finally change everything?  Well, the answer is in the question: I changed everything. I moved to a new town, a place where I knew no one and had


Despite the odds being stacked against me, I found inspiration and a fresh perspective.  Taking notes from past trainings that had “worked” on some levels, I began modifying the traditional trainings into atypical applications.  Eventually, this evolved into a documented process that I used to grow my business

from ZERO to 3,000,000% in the first 12 months.

At last!  A method was born that I now consider to be the ultimate pattern interruptor, whether in person or online.  

Transform into the Trusted Advisor that everyone seeks!


is that proven principles exist– meaning that when applied, you always (strong word alert!) see new results!  Plus, the process never gets old, so you never feel like you’re on another proverbial treadmill.

3 Million Percent Success Stories

At the core of what the program [3 Million Percent] has done for me, it’s given me more confidence in the way that I enter most opportunities, whether they’re one-on-one or networking opportunities. I think the practical, the bottom-line impact, is that I’ve become a much more successful, profitable business developer. And that means, quite frankly, more money for my business and for myself. There are a lot of ways that we assume that our networks work in terms of developing business or resulting in higher sales revenue. But, I’ve actually been able to model and document the relationship connections that I’ve made intentionally through this program [3 Million Percent] and all of those lines lead to multi-million dollar deals. And that’s a real benefit for what we do in the program.

Russell D., Banker, Texas

“I’ve actually been able to model and document the relationship connections that I’ve made intentionally through this program and all of those lines led to multi-million dollar deals.”

Brandy more than doubled her business in only 2 months!

From the beginning when Tim first shared his idea of 3,000,000%, I became a fan, a follower and proponent. In my own experience, I frequently observe that most successful businesspersons are already applying many of the principles, which Tim clearly illustrates in his book but, these skills in many cases, may have taken years to develop. Tim’s 3,000,000% is clearly written for the seasoned businessperson as well as entrepreneurs and new business owners. You will learn to strategically and more quickly develop and cultivate business relationships, optimize your chamber and networking memberships. I consider it the quintessential “how-to” for putting one’s businesses on the fast track. The choice is yours; join a chamber, hang the proverbial “chamber member” placard on your wall and hope for the best or, pick up Tim’s book, apply you’ve learned then, go to work! I commend Tim for his selfless devotion and vision. Well done Tim. 


-Lupe G., USMC, Ret. and Insurance Agent, Texas

3 Million Percent definitely helped my get my business off the ground and actually helped contribute over $2.5 Million dollars worth of assets under management in a relatively short period of time. I have met so many great people in the community and it continues to be a domino effect by applying what I have experienced. Great stuff Tim!!! 

Gerald H., Financial Advisor, Texas

Transform into the Trusted Advisor that everyone seeks!

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care– about THEM!” -Zig Ziglar