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In 2012, Tim Nichols left the big-name banks and brokerage firms to open an independent financial practice in a town where he knew no one, with $0 in Assets Under Management. Within his first 12 months, he had grown his practice to $3,000,000.00 in Assets Under Management. By metrics used in the financial industry, he had grown his practice by 3,000,000% with no print, radio, digital or social media advertising. It was the sole result of his “3,000,000% Process.”
With the success that followed, Tim authored a book, 3,000,000%: 5 Proven Keys to My Success With The Chamber of Commerce, and created a peer-advisory training program that is organically spreading throughout the United States. These Business Growth Groups TEACH the process, MENTOR implementation, ENCOURAGE active engagement and ESTABLISH community and accountability.
In April 2019, Tim found that the demand for his relationship marketing strategy had progressed into its own stand-alone business that required his full attention. After 17 years as a Financial Advisor, Tim sold his financial practice to continue to create, write, train, mentor and transform business owners into dynamic Influencers.

Within the pages of this e-book, Tim shares proven relationship marketing strategies and tactics on:

  • How to gain competitive advantage by capturing thought leadership within your market.
  • How to convert relationships into revenue streams.
  • How to develop social organizations such as Chambers of Commerce, service organizations and nonprofits into referral generators for your business.

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