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increase retention and revenues

Learn specific steps and principles  that any business can apply to more quickly connect with others, deepen trust, and earn referrals.  Any business of any size can benefit and grow by leveraging the power of 3 Million Percent. 

Author/Speaker Tim Nichols grew his business by 3,000,000% within 12 months of moving to a town where he knew no one. Using only the Chamber of Commerce, his success was built upon a simple 5-key process:

  1. Deepen Relationships Quickly
  2. Elevate Your Profile
  3. Leverage Networks
  4. Build Immediate Credibility
  5. Establish Community
Let’s Connect!

Learn how the 3 Million Percent Process enhanced:


The cost of Chamber memberships must be viewed as either an investment or an expense. Discover how Tim was able to learn how to use the Chamber of Commerce to his gain.


Time and Money are two of the most valuable components of business growth. No matter how new or old the business, these factors are monitored closely. Read how Tim was able to create proficiency in both.


For many businesses, finding new clients or prospects can be challenging. Learn how Tim utilized Chamber events to foster relationships with Chamber members to develop a referral base that generated new business relationships.

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care– about THEM!” -Zig Ziglar


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What 3 Million Percent Growth Group Members are Saying

As a business owner and Chamber of Commerce member, Brenda shares the benefits she’s experienced after reading and implementing the 3 Million Percent approach through 3 Million Percent Growth Groups.

Stu is a business professional who has volunteered as a 2018 Growth Group Leader and shares the impact he’s experienced by way of the 3 Million Percent approach .

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